March 26, 2020 1 min read


We are now using our centralised email systems; each division of our business now has a dedicated mailbox allowing our teams to work remotely continuing to serve your business needs while ensuring we can handle your enquiry more effectively.

This means that if you want to contact any member of the Lifting, Rail, 4x4, Hire, Coventry, Bristol, Engineering, Finance, Marketing or Corporate team, you will need to email the respective mailbox, not the individual's mailbox, as below:

To contact Lifting Sales and/or Service:

To contact Rail Sales and/or Service:

To contact the 4x4 Team:

To contact the Hire Team:

To contact the Coventry Team:

To contact the Bristol Team:

To contact the Engineering Team:

To contact the Finance Team:

To contact the Marketing Team:

To contact the Corporate Team:


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