August 23, 2018 1 min read



Zwicky track jacks have been used by maintenance teams throughout the world for over 70 years, and have acquired a well-earned reputation for being the most durable and effective tool of its type on the market.

The 805BR Toe Jack heads up the range with a capacity of 8 tonnes whilst the 1054 Pan Jack is capable of 10 tonnes. Despite the Pan Jack's low closed height of 95 mm, it boasts a 101mm lift, thanks to its telescopic hydraulic ram. Both jacks, like their 20 tonne F1527 big brother, are obstructionless.

The standard range is completed with the obstructionless Zwicky SB7417 Track Aligner, a unique product design chat is used for the aligning and slewing of track, points and crossings. AII models are fitted with an overload safety valve.

Standard paint finish is hammered blue - alternative colour coding is available upon request. All models are available with either standard operating levers or insulated, which are specifically designed for third rail applications.

In addition, historical Zwicky jack models including the 505, 605, F500 and 1303, are also supported with spare parts and service.

If you want to discuss a project using Zwicky™ and/or any other product, don't hesitate in contacting the Rail Team on 01384 424 008 or

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