De-Stressing Stillage

Arbil No: RB/BR/146

The Arbil  manufactured de-stressing stillage has been specifically designed to securely accommodate a half set of Permaquip de-stressing equipment, and the de-stressing pump.

Dedicated compartments and locating  pins allow the equipment to be stored securely when not in use and during transportation to and from site.

A lockable lid allows for additional security and half drop sides allow for easy access for loading and unloading of stressing components.

Though designed to be handled using a fork lift truck, and stackable for ease of storage, the stillages  also feature corner lifting eyes to allow the stillage to be lifted via a 4 leg chain sling.

  • SWL - 1,000Kg 
  • Finish - Painted to customer specification

Though the internal layout is designed for Permaquip De-Stressing equipment other configurations are available to customer requirements.

Our Engineering division offers a fully bespoke design service for all lifting, storage and access equipment. Including:

  • Storage Containers and Stillages
  • Lifting Beams & Cradles
  • Beam Racks
  • Work Stations
  • A Frames
  • Gantries
  • Walkways
If you want to discuss an engineering project or have a bespoke product requirement, don't hesitate in contacting the Rail Team on 01384 424 008 or

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