Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack Set 3t - Arbil Rail

CJ3000, CJ6000, CJ10000

Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack Set

Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack Set

Arbil No. - CJ3000, CJ6000, CJ10000

These cable drum jacks are designed for use with large capacity drums and feature a multi position sliding carriage for maximum versatility, and a wheeled base for easy transportation.

Supplied with spindle, spindle spacers and jack operating levers.

Available in 3t, 6t & 10t capacities

Capacity 3t 6t 10t
Max drum dia. 2400mm 2900mm 3500mm
Height 1450mm 1680mm 1970mm
Width: 800mm 800mm 900mm 1050mm
Depth: 720mm 720mm 830mm 950mm
Weight: 161kg 161Kg 205Kg 235Kg


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